Atlas Truck Depots are guaranteed for 1 year.
Atlas Single Skinned Tanks are guaranteed for 2 years.
Atlas Bunded Tanks and Fuel Depots are guaranteed for 10 years.
Atlas Ad-Blue Tanks are guaranteed for 10 years.
Atlas Water Tanks up to and including 6250 litres are guaranteed for 2 years, 10,000 to 15,000 litres are guaranteed for 10 years.
All Atlas Tanks ancillary equipment, e.g. lids, pumps, Watchman and SpillStop, etc. have a 12 month warranty, dispensing hoses and nozzles have a 3 month warranty.
The warranty may be invalid if the tank has been incorrectly installed, misused, damaged or repaired without the approval of Atlas Tanks.
Atlas Tanks should be installed by a qualified OFTEC approved installer and the product must be fitted in accordance with OFTEC codes of practice.


The installer should carry out a risk assessment before installing a single skinned
tank. TI/133D Risk Assessment Forms are available from OFTEC.
Please not that regional requirements may vary.
If installing a tank at commercial, industrial or institutional premises, the tank must be bunded – see note on page 8.
Please contact OFTEC or Atlas Tanks to obtain further information on Oil Storage Regulations – Links –


OFTEC Technical Information Booklet TI/131 gives advice on the siting of tanks.
The pictures in this brochure are not an installation guide.
All tanks must be installed on a firm, non-combustible, flat surface (e.g. pavings with no gaps or a concrete slab) and supported across the entire base.
This base should extend 300mm on all sides.
Capacity litres shown are ‘Brim Full’ or ‘Working Capacity’ as shown.
Note: ‘Working (or useable) Capacity’ is normally approximately 10% less than ‘Brim Full’ capacity.